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My personal journey in essential oils began when I bought an anti-aging serum at a local farmer’s market. Not only were the ingredients pronounceable and pure, but I was amazed by how my skin cleared up and glowed from the serum. My skin loved it, and just soaked it all in, making my skin feel soft and supple. Shorty after that, I read Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials by Adina Grigore, founder of SW Basics. I identified with her skin issues and quest for a personal solution so greatly that I decided I wanted to try and learn as much as I could about essential oils, all their benefits, and what works best for my own skin’s DNA.

I called my company ‘Dropologist Essential Oils Lab’, because this is exactly what it is–my ‘lab’ of discoveries, DIY projects, likes and dislikes along the way.

By trade, I am a graphic designer. I like my information, short, sweet and direct, without a lot of superfluous details, and in a visual format where appropriate. I have tried to incorporate some charts and infographics for an easier visual overview.